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The aim of this Code is to identify standards to which members commit that will enhance their own images and reputations and also that of BizWhiz. 

This code shall be binding on all BizWhiz members whose responsibility it is to ensure that they are fully aware of the expectations contained herein.

All new members will serve a three months’ probationary period. Once the probation period has been completed, the Management Committee will decide whether or not to award the probationary member full membership.

Membership fees are the lifeblood of any voluntary association such as BizWhiz.  All membership fees are due on the first of the month by debit order.  Members with outstanding fees will be suspended pending a hearing by the Management Committee.

Our Integrity is key and therefore, BizWhiz has zero tolerance for any acts fraud or corruption.

Members are expected to observe the highest principles of ethics, integrity, professional conduct and fair practice when dealing with other members and clients and to conduct their businesses in a manner that will reflect the positive image and reputation of BizWhiz.

Members shall not behave in a manner prejudicial to, or likely to bring discredit upon, the prestige and good reputation of BizWhiz.

Members shall not operate under Terms & Conditions and Service Levels that are contradictory to this code.

Members shall respect the rights of competitors and refrain from defamatory statements or acts of unfair competition.

All members should make a concerted effort to attend the regularly scheduled meetings.  Your input is missed when you are absent.  It is understood that there will be times when attendance is impossible.  Please communicate your apologies in advance if you are unable to attend a meeting for whatever reason.   Absence of over 50% of the regularly scheduled meetings will be cause for a review of your membership.

All members will attempt to refer members within the group at any appropriate opportunity.

Only current members in good standing may use the BizWhiz Logo on vehicle branding, letterheads or electronic media to indicate BizWhiz Membership.

Only the BizWhiz Chairman may issue statements to the media concerning its activities or policies.

Any member, or a Client of a member, who becomes aware of and is able to substantiate any breach of this Code by a member should be report it to the Management Committee in writing.

It is expected that BizWhiz members treat each other with dignity, respect and professionalism. 

If any dispute arises between members of BizWhiz, the matter should be dealt with directly and only with the person(s) involved in the matter.  Every reasonable attempt should be made to solve the issue between the parties directly involved.  Failing a satisfactory outcome of such attempts, the member should report the matter in writing to the Management Committee for review and arbitration.  Decisions by the Management Committee in such cases will be final.

The Management Committee reserves the right to suspend or to terminate the membership of any member in breach of this Code.  Suspensions will only be lifted by management committee.

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