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Keys to transformation, development and sustainable growth

Shefa Enterprises (Pty) Ltd is headed by its Managing Director, Reynold Easthorpe, who has a wide range of corporate and entrepreneurial skill and experience.  Apart from running his own entrepreneurial endeavors, he has been in senior and executive management positions in large and medium sized business organizations in roles within manufacturing, project management, local and international sales and marketing, strategy development, coaching, et al. Our mission is transformation, development and sustainable growth.


Coaching – Business and Personal

For both individuals and business, there is sometimes a need for some form of external intervention to stimulate new growth.  A coach is very often the answer.  Coaching embraces 2 fundamental principles – that of awareness and responsibility. Our approach is one of working with individuals, employees, executives and business owners to develop and implement sustainable strategies that lead to both personal growth and business growth.  Coaching works well at eliciting values and producing values in both individuals and organisations. These are not always in alignment. This is particularly relevant in business environments where high potential individuals require fast-tracking in their development.  Business coaching is customized to each client, with a focus on clarifying business objectives, identifying bottle-necks to growth and initiators for new growth, and then formulating a clear deliverable, supported through a coaching relationship.


Leadership Development 

Using a model called the “5 pillars of leadership”, both existing and potential leaders are taken through their paces to bring progress towards development of maximum leadership potential.  The leadership team in an organization is its foundation, everything else (people, culture, policies, systems, etc) represents the reach of their influence; and thus we maintain that leaders must hold themselves to a higher standard than the rest of the organization. We work in one-on-one interaction, with small groups and larger groups and for organizations across the spectrum of business, NGO’s, churches, educational institutions, et al.


Change Management

THE ACT FORMULA is a change management system which focuses on people and not on processes.  It is designed to build strong organizational culture that is geared to improve people performance.  Employees will gain the awareness and skills needed to improve Accountability, Communication and Trust in seventeen 60 minute lessons.  This is a comprehensive system which provides benchmarking tools, exercises, facilitated discussion, supplemental reading, and leadership development.

Other than ACT, we assist organizations with change processes.  Our approach is to address the human-side systematically and to ensure alignment with organizational objectives and design.  This demands as much data collection and analysis, planning, and implementation discipline as does a redesign of strategy, systems, or processes. The change-management approach should be fully integrated into program design and decision making, both informing and enabling strategic direction. It should be based on a realistic assessment of the organization’s history, readiness, and capacity to change.

Strategic Development 

The key in this regard is to foster an organizational environment in which everyone is focused on achieving a shared set of goals.  We’ve discovered that success is not rocket science and at times all that is required for an organization to break through to new heights is for that organization to develop strategy, revise strategy, align people to strategy, or to execute strategy.  We aim to work with organizations to create a culture of strategy execution.


Strategic Marketing

With a focus on both local market development and export markets, we will assist with assessing markets, developing strategies for market penetration and growth; and developing winning sales and marketing teams.


Entrepreneurial Development

For those who aspire to be in their own business and for those who already have their own business, we provide support and guidance to the business owner to ensure the transfer of knowledge and skills, education, attitudes, behaviors, etc.  The objective is always to put the entrepreneur in a position where his business has its best chance for success.


Project Finance 

We facilitate finance from the private sector, institutional sources and government.  On the latter, there are various government grants available for market development, training, procurement of capital equipment, feasibility studies, enhancement of business competitiveness, exports, etc. and this is an area of specialization for us.


“One can choose to go back toward safety or forward to growth. Growth must be chosen again and again; fear must be overcome again and again.”

— Abraham Maslow

202 Boom Street, Pietermaritzburg
Reynold Easthorpe

Reynold Easthorpe

  033 345 1955

  086 767 5495

  082 444 5261 / 076 322 8407


One Response to Shefa Enterprises (PTY)LTD

  • Dear Reynold

    I would love to make contact with you. Hilary Teal suggested I get hold of you. I am an independent contractor offering an advisory, training and coaching service in Strategic branding, corporate communication, PR and skills development workshops. I see you some of our passions, interests and work overlap and that’s why I’d be grateful for a chat with you some time soon. Thank you and good wishes, Dee

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