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BizWhiz Givers

BizWhiz Givers


Empowering one NGO at a time, by Connecting NGO’s together allowing them to build relationships.

BizWhiz Givers is a team of 30 NGO’s in Pietermaritzburg who are engaging in a one-year pilot project “Pietermaritzburg NGO’s working together as NGO.

Givers group overview

Building Partnerships by Connecting businesses, schools and NGO’s together allowing them to build relationships, and Bizwhiz offers a support team of BizWhiz business experts. Bizwhiz offers affordable Marketing Solutions to all levels of business. Bizwhiz works in “Partnership” to create a community of Young Leaders, by providing shared knowledge, skills and tools to help them “Achieve Greatness” BizWhiz assists NGO’s with fundraising and “Building Partnerships” with business and the community.


The Aim of the BizWhiz NGO’s Master Mind Team who serve the community in different sectors, is to mentor and assist each other as NGO’s working together to achieve a common goal. Sustainability and Growth. This common goal could be obtaining group funding to do the follow as a team or individually.

Infrastructure Development

  • Human Rights
  • Infrastructure Projects
  • Housing

NGO Development

  • Research
  • Restructuring & Integration
  • Planning
  • Institutional or Organisational  support
  • Training and Skills Development
  • Performance & financial management
  • Leadership Development
  • Capacity Building
  • Marketing
  • Public Relations
  • Brand Awareness
  • Events
  • Fund raising
  • Funding Applications and Processes

Economic Development

  • Small, Medium and Micro Enterprise NGO business development for sustainability
  • Local economic development
  •  Job creation

Capacity Development, Education and Training

  • Community development
  • Training
  • Institutional or Organisational  group projects
  • Education

Art, Sport and Culture

  • Capacity Building
  • Sports Art and Culture

Health & Welfare

  • Welfare
  • Poverty alleviation
  • Health
  • Environment
  • Disaster Relief

BizWhiz NGO, who may apply?
Expectations & application process

Who May apply for BizWhiz NGO membership?

NGO of good standing in the Community. NGO who have or are receiving funding from CSI spend, Community Chest, Lotto. NGO who have up to date financial statement and a treasurer on the board who is monitoring financials. NGO who have a sound management team. NGO who have support of their boards. NGO who have a sound constitution.

What is Expected of a BizWhiz NGO member

Follow BizWhiz Code of Conduct, when in breach of this code of conduct accept decision made by BizWhiz Management. Sign a confidentially agreement. Sign a 12 months’ contact, renewal of this contract is at the discretion of BizWhiz Management. Adhere to 3 months’ probation. Attend BizWhiz meetings 1st and 3rd Wednesday of a month at 13:00. Attend and participate in “The Couch Business Network”. Attend BizWhiz Group Socials and interact with other BizWhiz groups to build relationships and strategic alliances.

Propose your Associates who service the industry who are not in opposition to an existing member. Share Knowledge & experience. Share leads for funding. Share equally in the responsibly and roles of the group to ensures its success as the fist NGO Group Pilot Project.

Application Process for membership

Sign BizWhiz membership forms, each company has a 3-month probation period before granted full membership by BizWhiz Management. Sign BizWhiz code of conduct. Sign BizWhiz Debit Order Form. Please list of your 5 most important needs and wants from the Group and then 5 needs and wants from the community. Please list services offered by your organisation with photographs. Cost R500 per month. No percentage is taken from National or International funding.

BizWhiz NGO Membership benefits

1st and Third Wed, Master Mind Team brain storming and planning meetings (Wed 11:30 – 13:00) BizWhiz NGO Group members may attend the BizWhiz Business and Lifestyle Group meetings twice a month 1st Monday and 3rd Wednesday of a month. 07:30 –09:00 am. Venue and Dates – BizWhiz Calendar BizWhiz NGO’s Members may advertise in our Group givers events, Training, NGO and General BizWhiz Branded Marketing newsletters which go out to a database of 6000 companies & schools. BizWhiz NGO’s Members may advertise on BizWhiz Facebook pages. BizWhiz NGO’s Members company profile is loaded onto the BizWhiz website. BizWhiz NGO’s Members are invited to attend “The Couch” Business Network (Quarterly) to make new business associates. BizWhiz NGO’s Members may participate in Group marketing (Flyers, Events, Exhibitions, Advertising, Seminars) (Costs & event marketing, sponsorship, PR, advertising, shared by the group, event co-ordination BizWhiz). BizWhiz NGO’s Members may participate in BizWhiz Interactive Coaching & Training Seminars at discounted rates. BizWhiz NGO’s Members may receive special rates on all BizWhiz Marketing solutions from Shefa Enterprises, CyberfoxIT, PW Photography, Toucan Graphics. BizWhiz NGO marketing solutions and workshops are offered at one quarter of the corporate rate.

BizWhiz NGO Events – ONE BIG Event per Quarter for the whole group coordinated by BizWhiz

Participation is optional but we encourage working together as a team. NGO’s who already have in house successful fund raising event with Corporate Sponsors are not expected to cancel all their events, you are invited to join in with the events that do not clash with your existing events. The events that are not successful, partner up with NGO’s who have successful events, and change your methods? The Group events are for everyone, we as a group come up with good event concepts, find prizes and sponsors. It is not the groups responsibility to market your private events unless they chose to, BizWhiz and the groups responsibility is to market group events). Please provides dates of your annual events you would still like to host.

Cost per event:

Costs R500 per event, taken from profits. R2000 event fee per year payable at the end of each event from profits         10% event profits paid to the BizWhiz events team to coordinate events As we are here to raise funds, we will carefully be monitoring each NGO, set targets for the group.

If one NGO is falling behind in their target, the rest of the group will help them to catch up i.e. hosting one of the Quarterly events where they are the primary beneficiary and the other 19 NGO’s are secondary beneficiaries. We as a team are there for support, to help not hinder progress.

The event Co-Ordination will be done by BizWhiz but each NGO Participating in an event agrees to do the follow:

Book seats according to how many they would like to fill, host their guests for their organisation at the event. Find Sponsors for whatever is needed for the events as a group for prizes, auction items, etc. Where possible create an NGO Group on your website with a link to your NGO Partners in PMB Like the pages of the NGO’s in the group and share their posts on your Facebook pages. Email the event invitation to your database. Post the event invitation on your all your social media platforms, Facebook, Pinterest, google+, twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram. Tell your friends and business associates about the event. Email the event invitation to your database.

“The Couch”
Business Network

Our Goal is to provide a free professional platform for Business owners, NGO’s and Schools who may enjoy spending an evening with likeminded members of the community, entrepreneurs and the youth who are business minded, meeting up once a quarter. This platform provides an opportunity for Business, NGO’s and Schools to connect and build strong relationships in the community and to be inspired by local business owners and the youth sharing their journey to “Achieving Greatness”.

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