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African Conservation TrustAfrican Conversation Trust

The African Conservation Trust (ACT) is an established not-for-profit and public benefit organisation that has been operating in southern Africa since 2000. At the core of ACT’s activities is the conservation of our precious environment, biodiversity, natural resources and heritage.
Based in KwaZulu-Natal and with a historical footprint of working throughout southern Africa, ACT strives for environmental conservation and socio-economic sustainability. We work predominantly in areas where conflict exists between the natural environment and human habitation, and work to build sustainable communities that are economically, environmentally, and socially healthy and resilient. Our projects aim to conserve South Africa’s valuable biodiversity while also addressing the many socio-economic problems that our country faces.
We cannot sustain or conserve southern Africa’s natural resources nor alleviate the environmental crises we face without the participation of the very people affected; ACT always involves local communities and works in partnership with other stakeholders to implement projects that have a long-term impact. Job creation, poverty alleviation, community sustainability and education are key principles of all ACT initiatives.
ACT’s energetic, 21st century thinking and actions are protecting our planet and changing the way we live in it. Please join us on Twitter and Facebook. To play an active role, join our growing, worldwide ACTtivist community who have taken up one of the critical causes that ACT is focussing on. You can also help by donating now via our secure online GivenGain platform. Your feedback is appreciated: feel free to contact us.


A Living World
People on a Profitable Planet
A World which is able to sustain human life, profitable as a result of investment into our most precious asset: Planet Earth, with its abundant natural resources; profitable enough for people to draw from its environmental goods and services, and from a social and economic sense. Living, in that our Planet and its inhabitants are not simply surviving, but are flourishing, and have capacity to give, share and grow.


Create significant and sustainable environmental change, specifically focusing on climate change, water conservation, food security, waste recycling, sustainable energy, preservation of endangered indigenous fauna and flora and greening projects that incorporate poverty alleviation and sustainable livelihoods
Increase the capacity and expertise of the southern African environment/conservation community, by transferring skills, providing mentorship and building supportive networks that support the development and sustainability of the entire environment/conservation sector.
Use modern technology, specifically GIS capacity to enhance conservation efforts and to pioneer socio-ecological approaches to protected area management


– Promote innovation

– Break new ground
– Be accountable: both financially and operationally
– Lead by example
– Use modern technology to protect and preserve
– Promote scientific involvement
– Work in partnership with funders, communities, other agencies and stakeholders
– Educate others and keep learning ourselves


4b, 8 Old Main Rd, Hillcrest, 3650

Francois Du Toit

033 326 1021

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