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Kenosis Community TrustKenosis

Christian organisation serving the local the community of Bishopstowe, and public at large. It especially cares for vulnerable and needy people, through giving children a home as well as providing educational, upliftment and empowerment programmes. Kenosis is a properly constituted Non-Profit Organisation with independently audited financial statements. Through its programmes, it aims to promote healing, the restoration of human dignity and wholeness and the fostering of unity between people of various backgrounds.  We also want to be a resource centre, which offers our church, hall and other resources to the community and public at large – both for its needs and to generate income to sustain our programmes.

Various programmes have developed over the years under the banner of the Kenosis Community, some growing, some changing.


  1. Foster Care: Kenosis provides foster care for up to 18 children `with three foster mothers.  These are vulnerable children often orphaned by HIV/AIDS.  They are given a home and schooling and are supported by a governmental foster care grant. Locally, Supervised Home-work and Reading Sessions as well as organized recreation is also catered for.
  2. Crèche: A well-equipped pre-school, the Bishopstowe Early Childhood Development Centre has currently 35 enrolled preschoolers and can cater for up to 50 children from the surrounding farming areas and informal settlements. Currently, feeder primary schools comment positively on the school readiness of children received from our Crèche.
  3. Convent: The sisterhood at Kenosis is part of the original vision for a serving Christian community.  The sisters practice Christian communal living with a devoted spiritual life, and are active in the various social programmes of Kenosis.  Their devotions and services are open to the community and they are available to lead workshops and retreats for groups.
  4. Educational programmes: When children turn 18, the governmental foster grant ends. However Kenosis is committed to helping its foster children school leavers find their way in life through targeted interventions, and limited financial assistance schemes.
  5. Volunteer Programme: Kenosis regularly hosts overseas students, usually for a year. The basis of their exposure is to that of a reality from a very different and poorer environment than that from which they’ve come.  Volunteers help in the various programmes at Kenosis and assist with building bridges between the different communities. On their return, our ex-volunteers often rise to the fore-front in campaigning for the livelihood and expansion of our Community.
  6. Outreach: Various programmes of Outreach and care have been run over the years, particularly at the peak of the HIV/AIDS pandemic in Kwazulu Natal – and still now in its aftermath. The community is open to respond with its resources and facilities to needs as the needs arise. One particular initiative is that of
    1. Kids’ Week: In the summer and winter school holidays Kenosis runs a holiday programme to keep children meaningfully occupied, build their self-esteem and reach them with the Christian message of God’s love. Up 300 children are catered for.  This is also an empowerment programme for the youth helpers.
    2. Community Clinic: Once a month, Kenosis hosts a monthly community clinic which offers basic health care and community education.
  7. Income generation and sustainability: The extensive land and building facilities of Kenosis are available to be used by the public to supplement Kenosis’ donor income. In this instance, income is generated to off-set the Community’s Operating expenses. Typically this is done through accommodating small groups of guests, and hiring out the church and the hall for group retreats or workshops. Other amenities (prayer garden, soccer and netball fields) are also available.


Gate E 15A Ekukhanyeni Road Bishopstowe Pietermaritzburg

André Boshoff
074 9303403


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