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Project Gateway was set up officially in 1992 as a social outreach of the churches inProject Gateway Pietermaritzburg, although it was already operating unofficially from the late 1980s.

Project Gateway is a church-based organisation governed by a set of core values and a statement of faith developed by the co-working churches.  These values are intrinsic to the structure of the organisation and define how it is managed and governed on a day to day basis. 

The vision of Project Gateway is to see local churches mobilised in the areas of Education,Care, andEmpowerment, and to provide a model and resource base for the city of Pietermaritzburg and the surrounding communities.Project Gateway also aims to be self sustaining as far as possible and therefore, a number of profit making ventures are in place. These include tours of the Old Prison in which we are based, the sale of crafts made by local people, the hiring out of conference venues on site and our popular Teams programme. We also have two charitable Trusts operating on our behalf – one based in the UK and one in the USA.

Our mission is to:

Change people’s lives by
Helping them physically, emotionally and spiritually. We aim to
Uplift people and their communities through job, business and life skills,
Reaching all people without prejudice, showing the
Compassion and care of Jesus Christ, and
Honouring our Creator

At present we have a number of projects running under our umbrella, all aimed at meeting the needs of the poor and empowering the disadvantaged.

Project Gateway is overseen by an Executive Board consisting of individuals from a cross section of co-working churches as well as others with expertise in strategic areas.  As an organisation, we are committed to the empowerment of people both within the organisation and those we serve.  This commitment is evident in the composition of our Board, who are expected to give oversight, visionary input, prayer and leadership to the organisation as a whole as well as to the specific projects.

The Executive Board is assisted by a central management hub, known as CORE (Central Operational Resource and Executive) Services, consisting of administration, finance, human resources, donor marketing and public relations. In this way CORE’s vision is to see a cohesive, multi-church, Kingdom based organisation using Biblical principles to improve people’s quality of life by ensuring that all Project Gateway programmes adhere to the vision of the organisation and to see the implementation of Executive Board decisions in these programmes.


4 Burger St, Pietermaritzburg

Sally Wood

033 8450400

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