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claudine Claudine Lee (McKenzie) qualified 1998 Univ Pretoria with Diplomas in Anaesthetics, Ophthalmology and Diabetes as well as a Postgraduate diploma in Diabetes at Cardiff University in Wales (UK).

Health is something we take for granted until the day that good health is taken away from us.   It can be very daunting to find yourself unwell with either an acute illness or a chronic lifestyle disease. I am interested in holistic management of patients in terms of all aspects that affect patients well-being or absence of well-being.

The art of unravelling all the layers that contribute to the illness and ensuring ongoing support and treatment of high quality is something that I actually enjoy. Medicine is both and art and a science and patients needs require open-minded multi-disciplinary approaches to solving the problems in their entirity.I have worked in both public and private sectors. I was priveledged to work in many different specialities in the public sector in both South Africa and the UK. My interests are a wide range of diseases and states of “unwellness”. Treating Diabetes is something that I am particularly passionate about and excellent management thereof is something that I strive to do.

Your health is one of your most precious commodities – it is indeed priceless. Ensure that you live healthily and vigilantly in all apects of your being mentally, physically and spiritually. We would love to help you in your quest for good health!

26 Hilton Ave

Dr Claudine Lee


Claudine Lee




One Response to Dr Claudine Lee

  • Mike Woollam says:

    hi Claudine. Vidette has been my Dr for years and I’m sure you know that she has closed her practice to specialize in
    psychiatry. She recommended that I contact you to replace her as my GP. I need to have my ears syringed and
    Wondered if I could get an appt any time this week. I’m going to CT next Wed till Sat then on 28th we go to Austria
    On holiday for 3 weeks.
    Please email me hopefully with an appt date and time.
    Kindest regards
    Mike Woollam

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